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Name:Neal Cassidy
Birthdate:May 16
Location:Storybrooke, Maine, United States of America
Neal Cassidy loved his parents. That is until his own father's fear caused him to be alone in the Land Without Magic. He was born as Baelfire, son of Rumplestiltskin and Milah. He loved his parents and knew that they loved him but when his father became the Dark One, all of that changed. His father did this to save him from fighting in another Ogre War but Rumple relished in killing all of the soldiers. Bae was afraid but he made a deal with the only member of his family he had left. If he could find a way for Rumple to give up his powers, that he will do it. He heard about the Reul Ghorm, which ruend out to be the Blue Fairy who gave him a magic bean. As Bae and his father went to the woods, Bae threw the bean on the ground and created a portal. Unfortunately due to Rumple's fear, this was the last time Bae saw his father for a long time.

After wandering the streets, confused, he met Wendy Darling. He was eventually taken in by the Darlings and stays with them. One night, however, he awakens and sees Wendy at the window. She tells him about the shadow and mentions magic. This arose Bae's dislike of magic and he made her promise that she would not open the window for it. He was afraid that he would lose the new family that he had found.

Wendy always had an insatiable curiosity and she took the Shadow's hand and was whisked away. He slept by the windowsill and in the morning Wendy returned. She told him about Neverland but is disturbed by the cost of living there. The only reason Wendy was able to leave was because the Shadow wants a boy and not a girl. The Shadow came back the next night and Bae offered himself to the Shadow to save the others.

He lit a match as they approached Neverland to fend the Shadow off and is dropped into the sea. He was luckily saved by Captain Hook, not knowing that this is the same pirate that his father said killed his mother. It wasn't long before he found a picture of his mother that Hook kept and found out the truth. Hook loved his mother. It was his father, Rumplestiltskin, who killed her. He was then turned into the Lost Ones after demanding to go back home to the Darlings.

Fast forward to the present, Neal is living in New York. He has a fiancee'. All is well... For now.

Neal and mun can be contacted here!

Neal Cassidy / Baelfire is a character from Once Upon a Time and is copyright ABC Studios. I am neither them or Michael Raymond-James and this journal is only used for RP purposes in [community profile] milliways_bar.
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